Metà Hotel: Summer holidays Sardinia Welcome to Paradise!
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Summer Holidays Sardinia

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Almost at the centre of the gulf there is the maritime station of the socalled Isola Bianca and, behind it, the town and an immense amphitheatre of mountains that ring the Plain of Olbia. In the background, M. Limbara is visible to the west; M. Pinu, in the same direction, is nearer; the buttresses of the High Plain of Monti dominate from the south; the impervious P. Cugnana stands out to the north. The Archeological Museum under construction is situated near the Porto Vecchio the Old Port, and it will house thousands of find, including the Roman and Medieval ships, founded during the excavation work of the nearby road tunnel. The town has begun to grow at the beginning of the XX century; it has expanded rapidly starting from 1970, when the presence of the port, the construction of its airport combined with the take off of tourism in Gallura. Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and Via genova run by the side of the port and lead to corso Umberto, the main Street of the town centre and traditional public walk, always enlivened by the citizens and above ali in the summer, but not only by large crowds of tourists. From via Porto Romano, leaving to the right via delle Terme, going beyend the railway and turning to the left, turning right again , one soon reaches the notable Romanesque church of S. Simplicio, one of the most significant mediaeval monuments in the island. Erected in granite blocks at the end of the XI century, it was later changed in different periods.

Metà Hotel: Summer holidays Sardinia Welcome to Paradise!


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