Metà: Hotel Sardinia Italy: welcome to paradise!
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Hotel Sardinia Italy

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The magnificent inlet of Cala Sassari is rich in beaches, both large and small, almost ali connected to the road Golfo AranciOlbia by brief stretches, either dirt or asphalted. The Golfo di Marinella and the coast of Punta Marana, ciosed to the north by the headland of M. Ladu, that's of Porto Rotondo, offer enchanting views too. In particular, the coast of P. Marana is famous for its rocks as well as for the transparence and the marvellous colours of the sea water. Other precious places in the territory of Golfo Aranci are to the east, stretching as far as the northeast of the village. At the northern foot of the headland of Capo Figari, Cala Sabina is a large and lonely sandy shore, accessible on foot, covering a mule track from the Village Vela Blu, or by boat. Hence, this area is to the east of Punta Marana. The promontory of Capo Figari is characterized by cliffs, holmoak woods on its steep coastal slopes and a juniper wood on the summit of the mountain. Following a convenient mule track, one can walk up to the llghthouse of Capo Figari 342 m to admire the magnificent view, both on the way up and from the top. The pretty Cala Moresca lies right at the beginning of this mule track. The small shore opens towards the rocky island of Figarolo, 139 m high. This is steep and covered with thick Mediterranean macchia, above which stick up several wild olive trees, ageold and twisted. Here, as in the nearby Capo Figari, live the moufflons, reintroduced since long, that have adapted well to the difficult environment. With a bit of patience it is easy to watch them.
Metà: Hotel Sardinia Italy: welcome to paradise!

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