Metà: Hotel Sardinia Italy: welcome to paradise!
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Hotel Sardinia Italy

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Built in 1963, soon afterwards the Costa, Smeralda, it has grown enormously especially during the following decade. Strolling along the lovely alleys of the early development, one descends to the port, equipped in a roundish shaped bay, onto which look houses and villas, rationally planned by famous architects. It is worth visiting Piazzetta San Marco and the nearby streets; a wide stairway leads to the church ofS. Lorenzo, constructed in granite in a fine modern style. A few metres away stands the superb, granite, openair theatre, built in 1995. Small beaches stretch also along the coast of P. Volpe ~ P. Lada, where are the most beautiful villas. No less important are the southern coasts of Olbia, them too accessible thanks to various side roads off the ss 125. Going out of the town, one meets first the forks for the locaiities of Lido del Sole and spiaggia Qavrile; from here one arrives at the interesting humid area of the mouth of the Parongianu, rich in marshy avianfauna; further southwards, Saline beach lies in an area that is also called Costa Turchese. Continuing along the ss 125, from the village of Murta Maria 30 m the name means Myrtle Mary, a short road leads to Porto Istana, the biggest seaside resort in the territory south of the town, consisting mainly of scattered villas. The' beach of Porto Istana is magnificent and the view towards the island of Tavolara as well.
Metà: Hotel Sardinia Italy: welcome to paradise!

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