Metà: Hotel Sardinia Italy: welcome to paradise!
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Hotel Sardinia Italy

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Olbia is the fulcrum of Qallura and northeastern Sardinia as well as of sea and air connections in and from the island. It faces its Qulf, closed by the superb background of the island of Tavolara and Capo Ceraso to the south and by Capo Figari to the north. It is one of the most frequented localities in Sardinia by Italian and foreign tourists. Various roads allow easily reaching the places to visit in its surroundings. Namely, the ss 125 a state road to the north of Olbia and the side roads off it lead to the most important and famous tourist resorts, first of all Porto Rotondo in the territory of Olbia and Porto Cervo, in the Emerald Coast Arzachena. It is possible to continue to the Archipelago of La Maddalena national park to pay an unfailing visit to Caprera, where is situated the Museo Qaribaldino, and to Santa Teresa di Qallura. This excursion allows admiring the wonderful Qallura landscapes, worldwide known: beaches and rocks, lapped by the most beautiful sea in the Mediterranean basin. The mountainous Qallura is linked to the sea by the ss 127 TempioOlbia; to go towards Sassari and Porto Torres, one takes the ss 527 SassariOlbia. South of Olbia, the area of Nuoro is reachable either driving along the ss 125 or Orientale Sarda, a panoramic state road where traffic is slow, or running the ss 131 branch AbbasantaNuoroOlbia, a modem four lane road. These arteries lead to the coasts of Bassa Qallura and, further on, of Baronia; they also cross, in Barbagia the island heart, the national park ofthe Qennargentu, with its mountains and forests, and reach the coasts of the Qolfo di Orosei. The town lies in a plain, to the north east of the mouth of the river Padrogianu, the submerged valley of which, originated from ancient subsidence of the coast, forms the Gulf of Olbia. Besides being the only naturai port on the eastern Sardinian coast, it is the best equipped for the connections to the mainland less than 300 kilometres, 67 hours of navigation by normal liners; a little more than 3 hours by modem fast ferries.
Metà: Hotel Sardinia Italy: welcome to paradise!

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