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Métà Hotel a Santa Teresa Gallura - Sardegna - Trav. Via Nazionale - Tel.+39.0789.741109 - Fax.+39.0789.741149 - e.mail
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Charming Hotel Sardinia

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Another wonderful corner near Olbia is the island of Molara, ma de up of granite and, therefore, utterly different from Tavolara it is less steep, roundish shaped and offers easy access to various inlets, which are either sandy or pebbly. The village lies at the foot of the headland of Capo Figari. It has grown in the first decades of the XX century as a mercantile port, after the construction of the railway that connects it to Olbia, and in particular since 1961. In thatyear, the State Railway ferries started running, providing the transport of cars and passengers, until that time possible only calling at Olbia. During the summer, it has also been connected to Fiumicino Roma by fast ferries. Although the village has recent origins, the area has been inhabited since prehistory, as testified by the existence of the Nuragic sacred well of Milis, well preserved free entrance. This is situated next to the railway, a few dozen metres past the buildings of the Colonia Marina marine health resort. The name of Golfo Aranci derives from Sos Aranzjos, which is the name of one of the nicest beaches in the wide Cala Sassari Its surroundings are by now scattered with several, famous tourist developments: the largest ones are Baia Caddinas, Marinella and Punta Marana.
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