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Charming Hotel Sardinia

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Going back towards Murta Maria, an asphalted turning to the north, about two hundred metres before the junction with the ss 125 leads to the headland of Capo Ceraso, allowing incomparable panoramas over the Gulf of Olbia. The road becomes dirt after some tourist developments that do not impair the splendid landscape and then descends to the lonely coast. Lovely beaches follow one another: Cala sa Figu, spiaggetta Sos Passizzeddos, Porto Lucas, Porto Vitello, ali on the north side of the headland that closes to the south the Gulf of Olbia. The rocks of pink granite, the thick macchia and the surviving forests of wild olive trees allow a really unequalled panorama. It is worth going up to the top of the headland: a stairway, which served a military battery of the second world war, climbs up the harsh big rock of M. Mandriolo 126 m. From it, one enjoys the view of ali the northeastern coast of Sardinia, with the island of Tavolara opposite to the south and the calcareous cliffs of Capo Figari to the north, overhanging the deep blue sea. The island of Tavolara, not to be missed out, is reachable by boats that leave from Porto San Paolo. Tavolara is a true limestone mountain, planted in the Tyrrhenian sea. The whole area, including the nearby Molara and Tavolara islands, is protected in a Marine Park.
It is 560 m high, four kilometres long but less than one wide, which gives an idea of the harsh lie of the rocks and their absoiute verticality. The entire eastern sector is a military zone, while the ampie tongue of land accumulated by sea currents, called Spalmatore di Terra, on the western side facing Sardinia, is easily accessible. Here, there are ampie beaches, a minuscule port, some villas and restaurants. Climbing up the impervious top is so difficult and dangerous, above ali the last stage, that one shouid be as skilled as an alpine mountaineer.
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